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Advantages of the Education Ministry’s Job Bank Portal Highlighted

School administrators and educators are being encouraged to utilise the Ministry of Education and Youth’s job bank portal for recruitments. 

The portal, which can be accessed at and is expected to go live on August 27, aims to streamline the process of finding teachers and teaching jobs. 

Addressing Board Chairs of Regions One, Two and Six at the AC Hotel by Marriott Kingston in St. Andrew on Friday (August 25), Portfolio Minister, Hon. Fayval Williams, said the portal will provide another avenue for administrators and prospective candidates to identify jobs in the sector. 

“We are very excited about this. It’s a new development in the education sector where schools can advertise for the positions they need; those who are looking for positions in the education sector can upload their resumes. We are encouraging our schools to use the portal… it’s for efficiency. I know it costs a lot for you to put an ad in the paper. So you can avoid spending that money and utilise this portal that anybody can see,” she said. 

The Minister further noted that schools can use the portal to market themselves. 

“That information can be known by others who are looking to enter the education system and may be at one end of the island and would like to be at the other end, but they are not necessarily familiar with the schools that are there. So take this opportunity. Schools and Boards, I want you to encourage the Principals to highlight their schools in the job bank portal,” he said. 

With the portal, teachers and Principals will be able to search and apply for job openings, post their résumés, create a profile to advertise themselves to potential employers, and get an idea of the job requirements and remuneration. 

It will also allow school administrators to post jobs, search for potential candidates, view résumés, shortlist applicants and communicate with potential candidates. 

Email alerts are sent to schools when potential candidates apply for a post, and school administrators can also send messages which are delivered in real time to potential candidates whose profiles they have viewed.