The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information says that 100 per cent of the 38,918 students who were eligible to sit the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) in grade six this year have been placed in high schools.

Portfolio Minister, Hon. Karl Samuda, reported that 80 per cent of the cohort was placed in their preferred schools, while 16 per cent was placed according to proximity. Four per cent was placed manually for varying reasons, with proximity of the school to their home address being one of the factors.

He was addressing a virtual press conference on Friday (June 26) to announce the results of the assessment.

With the closure of school in March, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), the students were placed based on the grades they received in the Grade 4 Literacy and Numeracy Test, the Grade 5 Performance Task and the Grade 6 Ability Test done in February.

The other two components of PEP, the Competency-based Test and the Performance Task, were cancelled.

Minister Samuda, in explaining the scoring process and the results, said that “similar to the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT), the Primary Exit Profile uses the total placement scores for ranking and placing students, based on a weighted formula of standardised test scores”.

“The most equitable weighting for the placement of students is as follows: Grade 4, 30 per cent [of the overall score]… Grade 5, we attributed 20 per cent and Grade 6, 50 per cent based on the Abilities Test, which is arguably one of the finest indications as to the child’s ability to cope with a high level of learning,” he noted.