The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information wishes to advise its stakeholders that Learning Kits have been developed and are being provided to students in collaboration with the Regional Offices. The Curriculum and Support Services Unit has also provided their monthly Regional Learning Kits that can be accessed from the Regional Offices. These are focused on the primary level (Grades 1-6) and the content covers the following:


 Exploratory Core areas that are assessed nationally – Language Arts, Science, Mathematics and Social Studies.

 Enrichment area – Health & Family Life Education (HFLE) and Spanish


Another set of Learning Kits will be provided in partnership with The Gleaner and the Jamaica Observer. These will consist of assigned tasks for two weeks and will be published by the Gleaner and Observer every other week. The first publication will be distributed to schools on Tuesday, October 27, 2020. School administrators are being asked to ensure that these materials are delivered to the students using the established distribution systems at the school level.


For additional information or queries, please contact the Regional Offices.