 Jamaica, Cayman, Bermuda, Bahamas accept strategy

 Existing grades, teachers’ judgements to inform the process

 City & Guilds to provide Quality Assurance Experts

 The same strategy is being used for grading UK students

City & Guilds International has offered a strategy for Calculated Grading to the Ministries of Education in the Caribbean considering the Corona Virus pandemic. This assessment approach has been accepted by the Ministry of Education, Youth & Information in Jamaica, the Department of Education in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda, as well as the Ministry of Education/ National Training Agency of the Bahamas.

City & Guilds Country Representative, Mrs Marva Duncanson said, “We are committed to supporting the school system in the Caribbean Region to ensure that all our candidates are unhindered in their ability to achieve and move on with their lives, notwithstanding this difficult time. The Calculated Grading strategy that we have put in place is robust and fair and will allow our young people to continue with their next steps in education and work.”

Process for calculating grades

The process for calculating results will draw on a range of evidence agreed with the various Ministries and Departments of Education This will include centre assessment grades of the proposed grade each student would most likely have achieved had they been able to write their exams in the June 2020 examination series. City & Guilds shall be relying on the teachers’ best judgement supported by evidence and duly signed off by the respective Heads of Department and Principals. The entire process will be quality assured by City & Guilds.

Schools will be supported to complete this work using a range of approaches, from detailed guidance documents to support webinars from London, and through the local City & Guilds Representative office in Jamaica.

A team of City & Guilds Assessment and Quality Assurance Experts will review each school’s submission against its historical achievement rates and other relevant data.

 City & Guilds will review justifications provided to support centre assessment grades and may request additional evidence from the schools, where necessary, before making a final awarding decision.

 Those schools that are new to the delivery of the qualification or considered “high risk” in any way, will be supported through the process and additional evidence may be required.

“We want to remind our Caribbean Educators that they are not alone in this process,” Mr Jeremy Dahdi, Director of City & Guilds International, points out, “This is the same strategy that is being used to assess students in the UK registered for GCSE, A Levels, BTEC, City & Guilds and other qualifications. Under circumstances such as obtain with this pandemic, we believe it is our teachers who are best suited to assess and recommend for certification.”

A complete set of Guidance Notes and the requisite forms for completion will be circulated to each of our Ministry schools by Monday, 1st June 2020.

Candidates who are privately registered through City & Guilds Training Providers in the Region will be assessed via the written papers in Math and English Skills on Thursday, 27th August 2020. At that time, candidates registered through the HEART Trust NSTA will also write their examinations.