State Minister in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, Hon. Robert Morgan, is lauding the administration of Crescent Primary School in St. Catherine for establishing an isolation unit.


The State Minister, who visited the facility recently, told JIS News that for schools that do not have such buildings to separate children in an emergency that could arise with the COVID-19 pandemic, the “Crescent example is a good idea of how to approach the creation of isolation units”.


Mr. Morgan said the Ministry is pleased that the administration was very innovative in using some of the funds allocated to improve the resilience of the school to establish the isolation unit, to protect the children from COVID-19.


He pointed out that the establishment of isolation units is part of the requirements for the reopening of some schools for face-to-face classes, and that the leadership of Crescent Primary has demonstrated the model of how schools can “improve their facilities to participle in the programme”.


For his part, Chairman of the school Board, Councillor Norman Scott, said through partnership with staff members, particularly the guidance counsellors, and security personnel, and following health protocols, “Crescent is ready for face-to-face classes, on a limited basis”.


For Principal of the school, Icylin Kelly, the school community is “proud” of the unit, and “all that we have put in place to ensure the safety of the children”.


“We are trying our best to lessen the fears that the parents have. The guidance counsellors have done tremendous work in getting this place ready and running,” the Principal said.


Guidance Counsellor, Sana-Lee Gordon, said it is important that the school be put in a position to respond to any emergency.


“I wanted to ensure that on the return of our students, the room would be up and running, and that we are prepared,” Miss Gordon said.