Learning for 46 children across the island has been strengthened with a donation of 46 tablet computers by the Ilah’s Lemon-Aid Stand for Kids Foundation.

The Foundation, headed by 11 year-old Imani-Leigh Hall, with endorsement from the Early Childhood Commission (ECC), and sponsorship from the business sector, recently staged a virtual 3K run to raise funds to purchase the computers for children at various schools, who need the devices to enrich their learning.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony at the ECC head office, in Downtown Kingston, on July 17, Chairman of the agency, Trisha Williams-Singh, said the computers will be of great help to the beneficiary families.

“This donation will be significant to the children. Well done Imani, well done sponsors,” the Chairman said.

Principal of the Manchester based Alligator Pond Primary and Infant School, Gregory Bent, whose institution is benefiting from the donation, said the virtual 3K event was a “brilliant initiative,” and teaching and learning will be enhanced at his school.

“The tablets will spark interest in education, and interest in technology,” he told the audience, while imploring parents to take care of the tablets.

Director of Sector Support at the ECC, Norda Seymour-Hall, said Imani has done “an outstanding work, and we are very grateful for these tablets.”

“As we continue to embrace the new digital age, we want children who are able to think critically, to engage in innovation, and these tablets will go a long way in ensuring that we help to build that type of citizen,” she said.

In an interview with JIS News, Imani said her aim of leading the Foundation is to “make a difference,” and that she is “grateful” for all the sponsors.

“I hope that they (tablets) are used properly, and that the students will enjoy the computers,” she said.

Imani has been selling specially blended lemonade mix over the past three years to raise funds to assist children in need.