Documents to be Submitted for Home-school Registration

The following documents are required for each child being registered:

1.       Completed Application Form

2.       Completed National Student Registration System (NSRS) Form (duplicate). Where a child already has a NSRS number a certified copy of the card is to be submitted.

3.       Justice of the Peace (JP) Certified passport sized photograph of the child

4.       Justice of the Peace (JP) Certified copy of Birth Certificate

5.       Justice of the Peace (JP) Certified copy of Immunization Card

6.       Teaching-learning time table

7.       Two (2) letters of recommendation for the parent (from either JP, Minister of Religion, Principal, Education Officer).

8.       Certified copy of qualification of tutor. If the parent is the tutor, qualification must be submitted (parent must have attained an education at least 2 level above the child’s).

9.       Certified copy of Identification (ID) of the parent who completed the application form.

10.   Certified copies of National Assessment Reports (if applicable).

11.   Copy of the letter to school stating intention to homeschool child

12.   Other documents (e.g.: documents to verify change of name and legal custody of child may be needed)


Home School Requirements:

·         Learning space for each child (desk/table and chair)

·         Lesson delivery: Curriculum, lesson guide, standard time-table

·         Resources: textbooks, online tools, notebooks, workbooks etc.

·         Student portfolio (evidence of assessment, test instruments, etc.)

·         Students file: records: Progress register, Lesson registers - to indicate when classes are held,


Special Conditions: (due Covid 19)

  • Parents are allowed to scanned the signed application form and submit with required documents via email to [email protected] (where possible)
  • Application documents can be submitted to Regional Offices
  • An acknowledgment letter will be sent to the parent when the application is processed and found to satisfy the basic requirements
  • An Officer from the ISU will schedule a virtual interview with parent or legal guardian
  • Each home school will be granted conditional registration until further noticed