The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information wishes to thank all teachers for their hard work which resulted in improved phonological awareness and reading abilities of the Grade One students engaged in the Literacy Enrichment Programme. The most recent data set has shown marked improvement and therefore approval is granted for the programme to be fully implemented in the new school year.


The interruption in March 2020, resulting from the national response to the COVID19 pandemic, prevented a number of children from completing the programme. As a result, the Ministry is directing that the immersion approach used at Grade 1, be adopted at Grade 2. This will allow the Grade 2 children to continue to increase their phonological awareness and reading abilities and be allowed to complete the programme they started in September 2019. The new Grade 1 cohort should also begin the programme concurrently in September 2020.


Enrichment Centre Coordinators will need to support Grade 2 teachers as they did previously with the teachers deployed at the Grade 1 level by continuing the following weekly activities:

 Modeling and team teaching lessons so that teachers can adapt to the structure of the Phonological Awareness immersion drills

 Hosting training sessions in lesson planning and assessment of student progress

 Training and supporting their colleagues in the use of Diagnostic ToolsInformal Diagnostic Reading Inventory [IDRI] Bader Reading Inventory and the Dynamic Indicators of Early Literacy Skills [DIBELS].

 Visiting classes and providing instructional support to small groups.

 Selecting children for pull-out support with groups not exceeding 8 students.

 Supporting teachers in maintaining accurate progress records such as the MOEY& I ERAC- Early Reading Assessment Checklist.

 Meeting with parents whenever possible to engage home support.

  • Providing the Principal with structured updates.


Due to size and location of some schools that have mobile enrichment carts, schools have been clustered with schools that have enrichment centres for training and peer advice. Enrichment Teachers from these schools will assist their colleagues in the mobile cart schools to foster a strong Grade 1&2 immersion programme. The list of teachers and clusters is attached for your information. Other enrichment schools will gain similar support as the year progresses.


The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information appreciates our teachers and is fully supportive of efforts to improve the reading levels of our students. Therefore, should there be need for further information, principals and teachers may contact Miss Shauner M. Murray via email at [email protected] or by telephone at 876-348-9995.