Principal, Mona Heights Primary School, Alex Hepburn, says he did not hesitate to take in 17 students from the neighbouring Louise Bennett-Coverley All-Age School who will soon be sitting the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) examinations.


The school was severely affected by the massive breakaway on the Gordon Town Road, which took place between November 6 and 8, 2020, as a result of heavy rains.


Quick access through Gordon Town Road to several schools on the Mavis Bank boundary has been restricted.


With this, Mr. Hepburn was open and willing to fulfil the request of Acting Principal, Louise Bennett-Coverley All-Age School, Audrey Fairweather, to have the students and two teachers at Mona Heights Primary School.


“When the opportunity came, we took it with open arms and we welcomed them, and they are now a part of the family of Mona Heights Primary School,” Mr. Hepburn told representatives from the media, at the school on Tuesday (May 11).


He said that with only students sitting PEP doing face-to-face classes at Mona Heights Primary School, space was available to accommodate other students.


“We don’t want any institution to be left behind. We saw it fit to welcome other schools in the area that may have some challenges, and for Louise Bennett it is a natural disaster that occurred in November, so those children were being disenfranchised and we cannot have that happening to our nation’s future, and as such we knew that we had to do something,” Mr. Hepburn said.


“I am 100 per cent confident in terms of the effectiveness of the partnership, in that we have the resources in place, we have Internet facilities.  Whatever they need to get the learning done, we have it here,” he added.


Meanwhile, Ms. Fairweather said she is grateful that Mr. Hepburn facilitated her request.


“Let me acknowledge the kind and prompt response from the Mona Heights Primary School family.  We are quite pleased with the reception that we have received,” she told JIS News.


“I think the institution facilitating our face-to-face activity will help to boost their (students) confidence as well as help them to remember the interactions that they have had in the past and remember how their teachers related to them in the physical space. So, that reminder has served them well, and face-to-face today is certainly bringing back their level of confidence,” Ms. Fairweather said.