The Ministry of Health and Wellness (MoHW) has advised that due to increased work load from the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be some delay in the completion of School Medical Examinations for the reopening of school in September 2020.


Consequently, Principals are asked to exercise consideration and allow parents additional time to complete this process. Where efforts can be made to work with the local health centres or medical providers, this is encouraged.


The Ministry wishes to remind our stakeholders of the importance of adhering to the Immunization Regulations in order to ensure that our children are physically healthy and prepared for all levels of schooling. Kindly take careful note of the National Immunization Schedule and medical requirements in Jamaica. The vaccination requirements for entry to schools are as follows:


AGE                                                     VACCINE

Birth to 6 weeks                                    BCG

6 weeks                                                1st OPV/IPV 1st DPT/Hepatitis B/Hib (Pentavalent)

3 months                                              2nd OPV/IPV 2nd DPT/Hepatitis B/Hib (Pentavalent)

5 to 6 months                                       3rd OPV/IPV 3rd DPT/Hepatitis B/Hib (Pentavalent)

12 months                                            1st MMR

18 months                                            1st Booster DPT 1st Booster OPV/IPV

4 to 6 years                                           2nd Booster DPT

                                                             2nd Booster OPV/IPV

                                                             1st Booster MMR


All children are required to be appropriately vaccinated for their age on entry to a school, day-care or nursery facility. In addition, all children entering at the primary school level are required to be fully vaccinated with all vaccines as outlined in the above schedule. While it is appreciated that children may enter basic school from as early as 3 years, they are expected to complete the last set of vaccines during or after their first year in basic school (by age 4 years).


Also please see the appended revised School Medical Form developed in collaboration with the MoHW to be used as the standard document within the education system. Kindly update your records accordingly.


For additional information or queries, please contact your Regional Office.