The National Student Registration System (NSRS), which was established in 2010, has collected detailed and current demographic data on students who are enrolled across the Education System.

Consequently, a nine digit (123 456 789) Student Registration Number (SRN) is now required for all learners and has been provided for all students of Grades 1-13 including private candidates and

students who are home-schooled.


The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MoEYI) is reminding all school administrators of public and privately operated primary and secondary level institutions that they were provided

with the username and password to access the NSRS database and that a list of all students who are registered on the database along with their Student Registration Numbers was sent to each

school’s email address. Therefore, all parents can obtain the Student Registration Number for their child/children from the school the child/children attend(s).


The SRN is Required for the Own Your Own Device Application Process

Parents/guardians who intend to apply for the voucher incentive under the Own Your Own Device initiative, must have the Student Registration Number for their child in order to complete the

application process. If a parent cannot locate the student registration number for their child, that parent may visit or contact the child’s school where the number will be provided following a

verification process. The parent may also obtain the number by contacting the NSRS Unit at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information at the following numbers and email address


             NSRS                                                                                        HELP DESK

              876 612-5702 ext 2418 - 2420                                             888-EDU-CATE (888-338-2283)

                                                                                                            888-SCH-TIME (888-724-8463)

             [email protected]                                                                 [email protected]

                                                                                                            [email protected]


NSRS Reminders

The National Student Registration System (NSRS) was developed in order to capture demographic information about each student enrolled in Jamaican schools. The NSRS has assigned students with

a unique nine digit identifier, which is a student registration number (SRN) -123 456 789, that was designed to identify students at any point in their educational career. Additionally, the NSRS

provides an easy mechanism for registering students for National Examinations at the Primary level since the unique registration number can be used to maintain anonymity during registration and

in the publication of examination results. In light of the foregoing,


1. All students in Grades 1- 13 including private candidates and students who are homeschooled must be registered on the National Student Registration System (NSRS) database.

2. A nine-digit (123 456 789) Student Registration Number (SRN) is now required and has been assigned to all students.

3. A Student Registration Number (SRN) is required for all PEP registrants.

4. Parents requesting transfers on behalf of their child/ward at any grade level should present a valid MoEYI issued student registration card with the child’s Student Registration Number (SRN)

    legibly printed at the back of the card. School administrators are therefore required to request from parents, the child’s student registration card as evidence of prior registration and validation of

    the child’s identity.

5. All student records uploaded to the NSRS database are verified in real time by the Registrar General’s Department for students with Jamaican birth certificates. However, overseas birth certificates

    certified by the school must be remitted to the NSRS Secretariat for authentication. For further information on the foregoing, please contact Ms. Rhonette Pitter, Registration and Training Officer

    for the National Student Registration Programme, via email at [email protected] or at 876 612 5702, ext. 2418 to 2420.