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New Forest High School to Build Auditorium

Minister of Education and Youth, Hon. Fayval Williams, is welcoming the project for the construction of a new auditorium at New Forest High School in Manchester, noting that the structure will enrich the students’ educational experience for generations to come.  

She said that the facility, to be named in honour of community stalwart Eva May Wright, will create a space where dreams will be nurtured, talents will be discovered and the spirit of the school community will come alive.”  

“The Eva May Wright Auditorium… will serve as a hub for cultural, academic and social activities and be the place where students explore their creativity, hone their skills and showcase their talents,” she said. 

The Minister’s remarks were delivered by State Minister, Hon. Marsha Smith, at the launch of the building project at the institution in Manchester on Thursday (May 23). 

To date, $2 million has been raised of the $100 million target to construct the auditorium.  

Mrs. Williams noted that school assemblies, performances, community events and  educational seminars will all take place in the auditorium, thereby making it a beacon of inspiration and learning.  

She noted that the vision for the auditorium exemplifies the commitment of the school administration to provide a holistic education for students. 

“It will reach beyond mere books and classrooms and foster an environment in which students are encouraged in self-expression, engagement with their peers and developing a strong sense of community,” she added.  

School principal, Arnaldo Allen, said the auditorium will serve as a space for school  functions, for hosting indoor sports such as netball, basketball and volley ball,  and after school activities. 

It will also accommodate residents of New Forest and surrounding areas like Alligator Pond, Duff House, Downs, Comma Pen, Sea Air, Prospect and Montpelier during times of disaster. 

Eva May Wright’s granddaughter,  Simone Edwards, who spoke on behalf of the family, said the auditorium will not only keep her grandmother’s name alive, but also serve as a demonstration of the value the family places on education. 

“The students drive us to want to provide a safe, top-of-the-line learning environment and hopefully, this will drive you to believe and achieve all that you can. I encourage everyone to continue to walk with us because as family of Eva May Wright, we are here and we naw guh nowhere.” 

Executive Director of the National Baking Company Foundation, Lauri-Ann Samuels, said the company was honoured to be part of the construction project. The Foundation is the lead donor with contribution of $500,000.  

“When the vision for this state-of-the-art, multi-purpose auditorium was presented to us, it demonstrated to us the spirit of innovation and purpose that defines New Forest High School. This structure will be the heartbeat of the community and a hub for examinations, sporting events, academic ceremonies and community programmes,” Ms. Samuels said.