No student or staff at the pilot schools reopened for the facilitation of face-to-face learning has been identified with signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or has tested positive for the virus, according to data reported by the Ministry of Health and Wellness.


The seventeen schools that were selected to participate in the pilot of face-to-face teaching, commenced classes between November 10 and 11, and have been continuing since then with no reports of health concerns.


Information on Covid-19 cases among children is contained in a report from the Ministry of Health and Wellness that tabulated data for its Parish Health Departments.


The Report which analysed data on School aged Children from Birth to 17 showed that as of November 21, a total of 800 cases among children was reported, since the onset of COVID-19. As of November 21, the total number of Covid-19 confirmed cases among adults and children was 10,284.