The Educational Services Unit provides educational support to all educational institutions in order to ensure the proper management and administration of Jamaica’s education system. The Division is headed by the Chief Education Officer and supported by two Deputy Chief Education Officers divided into theCurriculum and Support Services section and the Schools Operations section.

The Curriculum and Support Services section of the Educational Services Division develops plans, organizes, directs, coordinates input, and evaluates the curriculum for the Primary and Secondary levels. In addition, the section coordinates the activities of related units by exercising overall responsibility for the management of their areas of operation.

The Schools Operations section of the Education Services Division oversees the supervision and quality assurance of all public Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary educational institutions. The Division is also responsible for the School Feeding Programme and the management and administration of the six regional offices of the Ministry.

The Units

The units in the Educational Services Division are:

Core Curriculum Unit

Guidance and Counselling Unit

Independent Schools Unit

Media Services Unit

Special Education Unit

Student Assessment Unit

Technical and Vocational Unit

Tertiary Unit