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Parents Encouraged To Create A Safe And Positive Environment For Child

As the country observes National Parent Month in November, parents are being encouraged to create a safe and positive environment for their children.

The launch was held virtually, today (November 1),  by the National Parenting Support Commission (NPSC).

Speaking at the event, Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Hon. Fayval Williams, said the Government remains committed to improving the state of parenting across the island, through the Commission.

“Through the National Parenting Support Commission, greater measures are being put in place to address ineffective parenting, by retooling, re-educating, mentoring parents and providing a more coordinated and proactive response to parenting issues, by increasing its psychosocial support to families and communities,” she said.

Mrs. Williams said global studies show that the academic performance of children is improved when they are raised in families that demonstrate good parenting skills and influence.

“We also know that parents are not the only channels of influence in the lives of their children. Indeed, today more than ever, with the overwhelming presence of social media, there are multiple voices bombarding them and their sensibilities with conflicting messages,” she noted.

Against that background, the Minister said parents should be reminded that children will transfer lessons learnt, which creates a generational impact.

Mrs. Williams said the national vision for parenting says that every parent should recognise and accept his or her duty to ensure the rights of the child are upheld and that the best interest of the child is always promoted.

The child should always be loved and provided with opportunities and resources in a safe, caring and nurturing environment to achieve his/her full potential.

National Parent Month is being observed under the theme ‘Positive Parenting, Impacting Generations’.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer of the NPSC, Kaysia Kerr, argued that parents should “reassess and reevaluate their practices”.

“The theme for National Parent Month is really a call to action. It’s for parents to stop harming their children and change their parenting practices by embracing nurturing and boundary-setting strategies [to] break the cycle of violence in the next generation,” she said.

The National Parenting Support Commission is mandated by the Government to provide coordination in support of parents.