The results for the grade six students who sat the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) examinations this year, will be available before August.


This was disclosed by Acting Chief Education Officer, in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, Dr. Kasan Troupe, at the virtual Town Hall meeting on vaccine sensitization for the education system, held on June 11.


“We’re working hard, just give us some more time, to go through the conditioning, to talk with our psychometricians. It’s a different year of placement, we have to work out the weighting and we have to use the psychometricians to allow for those processes to be accurate and equitable and fair,” Dr. Troupe said.


She noted that there are several technical processes that are underway, to ensure that all data communicated, remain accurate.


“We’re in the process now of doing the conditioning of the script which means that we have to go through every single script, per child, per school,” Dr. Troupe said.


She added that once it is verified that all students who registered present on the day of the exam are accounted for, they will continue the process to scan and score the examination papers, so that students can be placed.


“We want to make sure that when we announce, the process can stand to scrutiny. We know our parents, they’ll want to see for themselves and we’ve always complied and made those things available,” she said.


Dr. Troupe encouraged the parents to remain patient and said more information will be provided as soon as possible.