Budget Unit

The Budget Unit coordinates the preparation and management of the Recurrent Budget.  It proposes all the supplementary costing consequent on re-grading, reclassification and reorganization for Teachers, Administrative, Executive, Clerical, Ancillary and Accounting staff throughout the Ministry of Education and its Institutions and Agencies.


An integral part of its responsibilities is the allocation of the monthly warrant issued by the Ministry of Finance and Planning to all Programmes, and the preparation of payments to Agencies and Institutions.  In addition, this unit also investigates requests for virements, provides information to the Pensions Department so that pensions for teachers, watchmen and administrative staff are completed and submitted on time. The unit also provides Letters of Verification for National Insurance Scheme (NIS) and the National Housing Trust (NHT).


For more information please contact:

Ministry of Education

Budget Unit

2 National Heroes Circle

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Tel: 876-612-5771


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