Children’s Affairs Policy Division

The Children’s Affairs Policy Division has core responsibility for providing technical support in the development of policies, legislative framework and programmes geared towards the care, protection and general welfare of Jamaican children (0-18 years old).  The Division also works in partnership with the Child Protection and Family Services Agency with regards to the implementation of policies and the effective delivery of child care and protection services.



To maximize the health, welfare and overall development of the nation’s children, especially for those in need of care and protection.



National Plan of Action for an Integrated Response to Children and Violence and accompanying Road Map for Ending Violence against Children

The NPACV demonstrates the commitment of the Government to the protection of children.  It provides a structured and coordinated approach to addressing the key issues and challenges pertaining to children as victims, perpetrators and witnesses of acts of violence and abuse.  Utilising a multi-sector approach, the NPACV will guide stakeholders in understanding and fulfilling their obligations under Article 19 of the Convention of the Rights of the Child; as well as other local and international instruments to prohibit, prevent and respond to all forms of violence against children.


National Children’s Policy

The National Children’s Policy will revise the National Policy on Children, 1997, to provide a comprehensive framework in relation to children’s issues in Jamaica, by coalescing the relevant existing policies, national plans of action and programmes, and also address the issues emergent since the development of the original policy in 1997.