Legal Unit

The Legal Unit plays an integral role in supporting the Ministry of Education’s efforts to achieve its strategic objectives in furtherance of Vision 2030.



An education system which operates at all levels in accordance with the tenets of good governance and the rule of law.



To provide legal professional services to the Ministry of Education, its portfolio agencies and institutions that is of a high standard and responsive to client needs.



1.      To contribute to the strengthening of the legislative, regulatory and policy framework for the education system; 

2.      To facilitate the making of sound decisions by Ministry Staff, and those employed in the Ministry’s Agencies and Institutions, through the provision of legal advice on the interpretation & application of the Education Act & other related laws.

3.      To enhance the capacity of Ministry Staff, and those employed in the Ministry’s Agencies and Institutions, by making them more conversant with legal issues arising in the execution of their duties.

4.      To promote compliance with the rule of law, due process, and procedural fairness by Ministry Staff, and those employed in the Ministry’s Agencies and Institutions; 

5.      To create public value by researching & disseminating legal information to the Ministry’s various publics on aspects of law important to the Education Sector 



Professionalism, Confidentiality, Objectivity & Impartiality.



The Legal Unit provides legal advice to Ministry Staff on matters relating to the interpretation and application of the laws and regulations administered by the Ministry, which are primarily the Education Act and its regulations, as well as the legal framework governing the public sector generally. We also provide advice on the implications at law of Ministry programmes, policies and initiatives. In respect of the Ministry’s corporate affairs, we advise on and vet contracts and other legal documents, and develop standardized templates for routine or simple transactions. We also provide legal advice and assistance to the Permanent Secretary in the performance of functions associated with the delegated authority for human resource management of Ministry staff. The Legal Unit is responsible to keep under review existing legislation and to make recommendations for new or amended laws and regulations, as well as to lead in the implementation of the Ministry’s Legislation Programme.


Upon request, the Legal Unit provides legal advice to the various Tribunals established under the Education Act, namely, the Teachers Service Commission, the Teachers Appeals Tribunal, and the Independent Schools Committee.


Through the Ministry’s Regional Offices, we are involved in providing legal advice to the Boards of Management of public educational institutions, particularly in respect of disciplinary proceedings involving both schools personnel and students. Through the Permanent Secretary, the Legal Unit provides legal advice to Heads of the Ministry’s portfolio agencies on the interpretation and application of the legislation they administer and on their day-to-day corporate affairs.


The Unit comprises of three (3) Attorneys and four (4) dedicated support staff members.  We are located on the third floor of Building 1 of the Ministry of Education’s headquarters, at 2 National Heroes Circle, Kingston 4.