The Tertiary Unit

The Tertiary Unit of the Ministry of Education and Youth monitors and supports the work of public tertiary institutions within the Jamaican education system, in order to foster national development. These public tertiary institutions include three universities, one university college, five teachers’ colleges, four multidisciplinary colleges, five community colleges, and two polytechnic colleges.

The Tertiary Unit seeks to ensure that Jamaicans have access to adequate and high quality Tertiary Education by supervision of the tertiary sector, thus ensuring that the programmes offered respond to the training and development needs of the economy. The Unit strives to ensure the adequate staffing of the public tertiary institutions. The Unit also provides increased access to higher education through the provision of various financial assistance such as scholarships and grants.

Jamaica Values and Attitudes (JAMVAT) Programme for Tertiary Students

The Jamaica Values and Attitudes (JAMVAT) Programme assists tertiary students who qualify for admission, but are financially challenged, to cover their tuition costs. Access to this programme provides the opportunity for students to participate in the development of the nation’s social capital through their contribution of 200 hours of public service. The Government of Jamaica (GOJ) pays 30% of the students’ tuition cost, which should not exceed $350,000.00 per annum.

JAMVAT, launched in 2001, aims to give needy tertiary students the triple benefits of job experience, part funding for their tertiary studies and valuable life lessons to help develop good character that would aid community and nation building. JAMVAT provides participants with an avenue to complete voluntary service, foster positive values and attitudes as well as highlight their role in nation building.


The Ministry of Education, Youth & Information offers   the   following scholarships each year.

  1. Annual Jamaica scholarship (7)  Tuition (government  approved  fees ) , maintenance  and  book allowance
  2. Emancipation Scholarship Tuition (government  approved  fees ) , maintenance  and  book allowance
  3. Jamaica Government Exhibition (15) Tuition  and  book allowance
  4. Jamaica Technical High School (2) Tuition and  book allowance
  5. University of Technology Open (2)  Tuition  and  book allowance
  6. John J. Mills Tuition, maintenance and book allowance
  7. Emancipation Post Graduate Scholarship (1)    $350,000.00
  8. Elias Issa (1) Privately funded  Tuition, maintenance and   book allowance


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