Education Division

Executive Support Services Division

The Executive Support Services Section of the Ministry of Education is responsible for making many of the key decisions relating to policy, communication and information.

Educational Services Division

The Educational Services Unit provides educational support to all educational institutions in order to ensure the proper management and administration of Jamaica’s education system. 

Finance and Accounts Division

The Finance Division provides financial and accounting services to support the Ministry. 

Human Resources Management & Administration Division

The Human Resource Management and Administration Division has as its responsibility the systematic and coherent management and administration of the Ministry of Education’s personnel. 

Planning & Development Division

The Planning and Development Division is responsible for the formulation and integration of educational policies, educational plans, programmes and projects. 

Project Management and Technical Services Division

The Project Management and Technical Services Division has as its responsibilities the project management and technical services required for the efficient and effective implementation of Capital Investment Projects.

The Education Division

The Education Division of the Ministry of Education and Youth has direct responsibility for all public education institutions across the island.  Its mandate is to formulate, implement and assess all government policies in relation to the education system at all levels – early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary.