Educational Planning Unit

The Educational Planning Unit has as its responsibility the provision of quality education for all, through school mapping and micro-planning, and the mobilization of resources (loans and grants) towards the achievement of the goals of the Ministry. The execution of these functions include co-ordinating the formulation of educational plans, programmes and projects in conformity with national development policy goals. The unit also identifies educational needs through assessment and diagnosis of the educational system, and the submission of proposals to decision makers, including alternative strategies and technologies to satisfy these needs.

The Unit liaises with other Ministries, Government Agencies and International Organizations in order to facilitate the development of an integrated education and training system. It is also responsible for developing, maintaining and systematically updating of the school map through the use of the Geographic Information System (GIS).


For further information please contact:

Ministry of Education

Educational Planning Unit

2 National Heroes Circle

Kingston 4


Tel: 612-5840