Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning includes home schooling, adult education, continuing education, work-based learning or self-directed learning. Whether you are young or old you should always improve your education. Never take it for granted that you do not need to partake in lifelong learning because you are a university graduate or have a skill. The job market is very unstable and requires persons with a multiplicity of skills. In this technology-driven, Information and Communication Age too, information gets outdated very fast, so you should always go back to school to gain new information and upgrade, or acquire new skills.

The Ministry of Education encourages you to cultivate a love of learning in your children from an early age. This will ensure that they find pleasure in learning and continue their education when they get older. There are several institutions that offer lifelong learning programmes. However, you must ensure that the programmes are accredited and they are registered with the MoE or its accrediting agencies.

For more information on our life long learning programmes, please contact our institutions listed below:

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Jamaica Foundation for Lifelong Learning (JFLL)