Have you ever felt frustrated with your role as parents? Probably your child may have done something to anger you, or your partner just does not seem to care, or may be you just need some resources to assist you to fulfil your role.

Here is a list of organisations and agencies that will help you in addressing your parental needs. Remember you can always ask your child’s teachers, another parent or your pastor for further advice on other places that assist parents.


Care and Protection for Children

Child Development Agency (CDA) – Islandwide

2-4 King Street

Kingston Mall

Tel: 948-6678, 948-7206, 948-7067

Access: By appointment or walk-in

Fee: None

Age: 0-18 years

Sex: Male and Female

Services Offered: Care and protection of children, works with children beyond parenting control, institutional placement and supervision, foster care placement and supervision, adoption, home and family services


Coalition For Better Parenting (CBP) – Kingston


1 National Heroes Circle

Kingston 4

Tel: 948-1886

Email: co_lition@yahoo.com

Access: By appointment and walk- in

Fee: None

Sex: Male and Female

Services Offered: Advisory, referral and technical support for parents


Human Rights

Jamaicans for Justice – Kingston and Montego Bay

1 Grants Pen Road

Kingston 8

Tel: 755-4524, 755-4525, 755-4526

Email: ja.for.justice@mail.infochan.com

Website: www.jamaicansforjustice.org

Access: By appointment and walk-in

Fee: None

Age: All ages

Sex: Male and Female

Services Offered: Training, legal aid, public education, community outreach programmes, monitoring of human rights violations among others.


Kingston and St. Andrew Family Court

55A Duke Street


Tel: 922-0001

Access: Walk-in

Fee: No

Age: All ages

Sex: Male and Female

Services Offered: Responsible for all legal proceedings relating to families


Health, Education and financial assistance

Programme for Advancement through Health and Education (PATH) – Islandwide

Ministry of Labour and Social Security

72 Harbour Street


Tel: 967-0889, 967-0890

Services Offered: PATH replaces the Food Stamp Programme, Outdoor Poor Relief and Public Assistance programmes


Jamaica Foundation for Life Long Learning (formerly JAMAL) – Islandwide

Central Office

47 B South Camp Road

Kingston 4

Tel: 928-5181, 759-1845-6

Services Offered: (Literacy, numeracy, life skills, High School Equivalency Programme)


HEART Trust/NTA - Islandwide

Central Office

6B Oxford Road

Kingston 5

Tel: 929-3410, 960-7635-6

Website: www.heart-nta.org

Access: walk-in

Fee: None

Age: 17 years and over

Sex: Male and Female

Services Offered: Training in areas such as mechanics, building construction, electrical installation, welding, plumbing and pipe fitting among others


National Health Fund – Islandwide

25 Dominica Drive

Kingston 5

Tel: 906-1106, 1-888-643-2273, 1-888-342-5643

Access: walk-in

Ages: Birth to adulthood

Services Offered: Financial assistance on prescription drugs


Extracted from the Directory of Services for Children, Adults and Families 2005 compiled by the Foundation for Children.