Spelling Skills

Spelling words correctly is very important when you are presenting your work. Spelling words correctly shows that you can use Standard English well and take pride in your work. Some words are particularly challenging to spell, however if you are aware of spelling rules and cultivate good spelling habits, you will master the art of spelling.

  1. Exercise care when you are writing and proofreading your work. You must take pride in your work and be responsible for what you have written. Read over your work once you have written it to ensure that words are spelt correctly.
  2. Use the dictionary – Do not guess the spelling of a word. If you are not certain how a word is spelt, consult the dictionary
  3. Keep a list of words you usually misspell and practise spelling them. Use them when you are speaking and in your written work so that you become more familiar with how they are spelt
  4. Syllabicate hard-to-spell words. Large pieces of food must be broken or cut into pieces before they can be eaten. Words are similar. Break long words into syllables so you can spell them properly.
  5. Learn the rules of spelling for example, ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’
  6. Distinguish between words that sound alike (homonyms) for example: lightening and lightning
  7. Memorise how the word looks and shapes.
  8. Know the rules of phonics. Phonics is not just for young children, but for older ones too. Words such as knife and pneumonia have soft sounds which are written when spelt, but not sounded when spoken.
  9. Practise spelling words by doing quizzes and worksheets with spelling activities.