Technical and Vocational Education Unit

The Technical and Vocational Education Unit has as its responsibility the supervision and development of Technical and Vocational programmes in schools. The unit ensures that these programmes offer students the skills, knowledge, attitudes, habits and values that are in demand in the society, and which consequently will contribute to the nation’s productivity goals. The unit monitors the Technical and Vocational programme in schools through five areas: Agriculture, Business Education, Home Economics, Industrial Education and Visual Arts. In addition the unit also helps to supervise the Technical and Vocational Work Experience Programme, Career Advancement Programme (CAP), Technical & Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Rationalization in Secondary Schools Project.


For further information please contact the:

Assistant Chief Education Officer

Technical and Vocational Education Unit

Ministry of Education

Caenwood Centre

37 Arnold Road

Kingston 5

Tel: 876-922-0040 (office)/292 – 4312 (CUG Cell)


Fax: 876-967-3975