How to make friends

Attending a new school or being placed in a new class can be challenging, especially if your friends are not with you. However, you must not be disheartened. This can be an opportunity for you to make new friends.

  • Make sure that you are kind, honest and respectful to the students you meet and your teacher. To do this you should:
    • Wait your turn
    • Use polite words such as please, thank you and excuse me
    • Listen carefully
    • Cooperate with others and share
    • Give compliments
  • Do not be nervous. Act confidently. Do not stare on the floor; smile as you walk by
  • Do not put yourself down by negatively comparing yourself with other students
  • Do not try to change yourself. Your real friends must accept you for who you are
  • Look out for other new students who you can make friends with
  • Avoid joining up with school gangs.
  • Make sure that you are clean and neat, and wear the correct uniform of the school
  • Answer questions in a polite manner, for example, if the teacher asks you a question, respond by saying, “Yes Miss/Yes Sir,” not “Yeh”.
  • Do your homework and participate fully on team projects
  • Observe all the school and class rules
  • Join extra-curricular activities
  • Avoid conflicts. For example, do not allow children who are abusive and disrespectful to provoke you. Ignore them and report their behaviour to your class teacher

You do not have to make friends with everyone in class.