Policy Analysis, Research and Statistics Unit

The Policy Analysis, Research and Statistics Unit analyses the education system, and presents recommendations for the enforcement, amendment or introduction of policies. It also provides accurate, relevant and timely information for monitoring the system and for effective policy decisions.

The work of the unit is executed through two sections: Policy Analysis and Research and Statistics.  The Policy Analysis and Research section provides feedback on policies prepared by the other government ministries and agencies and organises research studies and manages data gathering and policy analysis activities in support of the agreed research agenda.

The Statistics section organises and maintains a system of data collection to inform the execution of activities to develop in the educational system. The Section is also responsible for producing the following annual publications: Educational Digest, Educational Statistics, Directory of Educational Institutions and School Profiles.


Policy Analysis, Research and Statistics Unit

Ministry of Education’

2 National Heroes Circle

Kingston 4

Tel: 612-5840