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$28m Spent to Assist 4,608 Students in Manchester Central

A total of $28 million was spent to provide support for 4,608 students across all levels of the education system in the constituency of Manchester Central.

Member of Parliament (MP), Rhoda Moy Crawford, said the support included tuition and book grants, school uniforms, technological devices, and other school supplies.

“Additionally, we have provided education assistance to eight schools across the constituency. These endeavours reflect my commitment to the provision of access to education and training,” Ms. Crawford said.

She was making her contribution to the 2023/24 State of the Constituency Debate in the House of Representatives on Wednesday (October 25).

Meanwhile, Ms. Crawford said $5 million was spent to truck water to homes, schools and farms.

She further informed that 289 water tanks were distributed to constituents who experienced challenges harvesting water.

“We have boosted the local economy, offering employment to 528 constituents and providing 558 entrepreneurial grants to small business operators and farmers. Through our welfare programmes, over 3,000 constituents have received compassionate, funeral and medical grants,” the MP said.

Meanwhile, Ms. Crawford told the House that $170 million has been allocated under the constituency’s signature ‘Road a Fix’ programme for the rehabilitation of roadways across the constituency.

She said more road improvement initiatives are scheduled to begin as early as next week, pointing out that these “will remain a dominant feature of my stewardship”.

In the meantime, Ms. Crawford advised that the inaugural Rhoda Moy Crawford Community Football League was launched, adding that support has been provided to other community leagues and sports clubs.