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45,000 Students to Benefit from Entrepreneurship Programme


Over the next three years, 45,000 high-school students are expected to benefit annually from an agricultural/agri business-based entrepreneurship programme.


This will be facilitated under the Junior Achievement Company of Entrepreneurs (JACE) initiative, which is to be introduced in all high schools across Jamaica, starting in September this year.


An initiative of Junior Achievement Jamaica (JA Jamaica), JACE is being strengthened prior to its implementation through collaboration with Jamaica 4-H Clubs to develop agricultural/agri-business-focused material for incorporation into the programme.


Both entities signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to seal the partnership at a ceremony held at JA Biz Town, Caenwood Centre in Kingston on June 27.


Speaking at the signing, President, JA Jamaica, Alphie Mullings-Aiken, said through this collaboration, the organisation is working to place deeper focus on the key area of agriculture, as it further expands JACE.


She noted that under the enhanced programme, the nation’s future leaders will be exposed to creative thinking and problem-solving skills, adding that it will also help to strengthen “the idea creation process” for students who will be empowered to realise greater employment opportunities in agriculture.


“It is really showing them how they can build their own future, how they can start their own enterprise, and no matter how small,” she said.


Dr. Blake In his remarks, Executive Director, Jamaica 4-H Clubs, Dr. Ronald Blake, said the organisation has recognised that the answer to the problem of youth unemployment in Jamaica is empowering them to create their own opportunities.


He noted that in its 75 years of service to Jamaica, Jamaica 4-H has used the agricultural sector as a platform to transition young people into businesses.


Under the agreement, Jamaica 4-H will assist JA Jamaica in meeting their mission of empowering young Jamaicans in agriculturally focused entrepreneurship.


Jamaica 4-H will in turn benefit from access to practical, hands-on curriculum content focused around product ideas to aid in the development of a Project Workbook that will be part of Jamaica 4-H’s programme implementation.


This will aid participants’ overall development through hands-on work experience and entrepreneurial skills, competitions and product fairs.


JACE, which is now part of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information’s National Standards Curriculum (NSC), will involve students operating a business, while learning the core business skills needed to succeed globally.



President, Junior Achievement Jamaica (JA Jamaica), Alphie Mullings-Aiken (left) and Executive Director, Jamaica 4-H Clubs, Dr. Ronald Blake, display a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) bearing their signatures, which will see them partnering to develop agricultural/agri-business-focused material for incorporation into JA Jamaica’s Junior Achievement Company of Entrepreneurs (JACE) initiative. The signing took place during a ceremony at JA Biz Town, Caenwood Centre in Kingston, on June 27.