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$63 Million to Build Two Early Childhood Schools


JIS: The Government will be spending more than $63 million to construct two early childhood schools to increase capacity by 400 places in St. Andrew, and St. Thomas.


Under the project, the Tower Hill Infant School, in St. Andrew, and the Morant Estate Infant School, in St. Thomas, will be built, with each accommodating 200 students.


Each of the schools will have eight classrooms, computer room, library, offices, sickbay, medical room, music room, kitchen, dining/multipurpose room, play equipment and other facilities.


The allocation for the projects are outlined in the 2017-18 Estimates of Expenditure now before the House of Representatives.


Another $45 million has been provided in the budget for the continuation of the Early Childhood Development Project (IBRD), with the objective of improving the monitoring of children’s development.


There will also be the screening of household-level risks affecting development, and early intervention systems, in order to promote development.