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$80M Provided for Education Ministry Renovations


JIS: The Government has allocated approximately $80 million to renovate the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information’s head office at National Heroes Circle and its Caenwood Centre facilities on Arnold Road in Kingston during the 2018/19 fiscal year


Details are provided in the 2018/19 Estimates of Expenditure, now before the House of Representatives.


Work at the National Heroes Circle complex will entail renovation of the bathroom facilities and construction of a perimeter wall.


Activities at Caenwood Centre will involve improvements to Grant Hall, Allen Hall, the Georgian Building and the former CPC building, along with upgrading of the sanitary facilities and air-conditioning systems.


The Education Ministry has received $103 billion for recurrent expenses and $1.6 billion for capital expenditure during 2018/19, which is cumulatively the second largest allocation from this year’s Budget, totalling $773.6 billion.


The Ministry of Finance and the Public Service has been allocated the largest sum, with $240 billion for recurrent expenses and $155 billion for capital expenditure.


A total of $560 billion of the Government’s overall Budget is earmarked for recurrent (housekeeping) expenses and $213.6 billion for capital (development) projects.


CAPTION: The Ministry of Education’s main office, 2 National Heroes Circle.