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Basic Schools Get Facelift


GLEANER: Recognising the importance of play in a child’s development, the United Way of Jamaica, in collaboration with Massy Distribution Jamaica Limited, enhanced the surroundings of three basic schools in the Corporate Area last Saturday.


Speaking with The Gleaner at the Holiness Basic School in Kingston, Karl Simpson, director of Massy Distribution Jamaica Limited, said improving the playing surface for the children creates an avenue to enhance students’ brain power.


“This is a basic school that has 40 students, I understand, between the ages of two to six, so we are assisting with the playing surface and beautifying the walls, making it a little bit more presentable and improving the surroundings. Children learn better in a comfortable and pleasing environment,” he said


“The growth of any country is through people. When people are empowered they produce.”


Marcia Forbes, chairperson of United Way of Jamaica, shared similar sentiments, noting that her organisation is committed to improving the early-childhood sector.



“This is so important because early-childhood education is so important, in addition to play. I’m currently reading a book which talks about play and how we undervalue play, but it is important, part of any child’s development,” she said.


“For us (United Way), we decided that early-childhood education was a key area that we would support towards Jamaica’s development. It (contribution) cannot be a one-off thing, it requires a level of consistency.”


Youlette Forbes, principal of the basic school, expressed gratitude for the contribution.


“This is a lovely facelift for the new school year. We will definitely get more children coming in because you can do more gross motor activities. Children love to play and it is a part of learning.”


The Bower Bank and Richmond Nazarene basic schools were the other schools that got facelifts.


CAPTION: Marcia Forbes, chairperson of United Way of Jamaica