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ECC Calls on Operators of ECIs to Get Registered


JIS: Chairperson of the Early Childhood Commission (ECC), Trisha Williams-Singh, is reminding operators of early-childhood institutions (ECI) that they are required to register their institutions with the ECC.


“If you are registered, that means you are operating legally. So, if you are not registered… you are operating illegally,” Mrs. Williams-Singh said.


She was speaking at a function held recently at the offices of the National Volunteer Centre, Camp Road in Kingston.


“I use this opportunity to say to you, get on the books, do right by the children of Jamaica,” the Chairman urged.


Under the Early Childhood Act and Regulations of 2005, all ECIs operating in Jamaica must be registered with the ECC, which is the sector’s regulatory agency.


As part of the registration process, institutions must satisfy standards for health and safety (public health and fire safety reports, and police records); and educational quality, including teacher-qualification certificates. They must also pass a stringent inspection process.


The ECC was established in 2003 by the Early Childhood Commission Act. Its functions include advising the Minister on policy matters relating to early-childhood care, education and development in Jamaica.


These include initiatives and actions to achieve national early-childhood development goals; assisting in the preparation of plans and programmes concerning early-childhood development; and monitoring and evaluating the system.


CAPTION: Early Childhood Commission (ECC) Chair, Trisha Williams-Singh (left), listens to Executive Director of the Commission, Karlene Degrasse-Deslandes.