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Education Minister says NSC better for Students


JIS: The new National Standard Curriculum (NSC), will better prepare students for high academic achievements, says Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Senator the Hon. Ruel Reid.


Speaking at a recent media conference, held at the offices of the Overseas Examination Commission, in St. Andrew, the Minister said the system is a sound initiative to help students in their quest for tertiary education.


With implementation of the NSC in grades 1, 4, 7, 8 and 9 already, Senator Reid said some 13,000 teachers have received training for the curriculum, and “plans are in place for full rollout of the other grades in September 2017.”


The Minister emphasised that effectiveness of the education system depends largely on devising programms to meet the “diverse needs” of students.


“For our education system to be effective, we have to cater to the multiple intelligences of our children, and their diverse needs, in order to fully maximize their capabilities,” the Minister said.


Under the NSC, launched in March 2016, students at grades 12 and 13 have the opportunity, through the Career Advancement Programme (CAP), to move into the traditional sixth form programme, or a technical sixth form programme, which also include opportunities under the National Apprenticeship Programme.


Meanwhile, Chief Education Officer, Dr. Grace McLean, explained that the examinations in the new system deal with issues of culture, international affairs, general awareness and projects.


 She pointed out that students will start sitting exams under the NSC in May 2019, adding that this will allow for “critical thinking, problem solving and giving our students the opportunity to apply what they have learnt.”


CAPTION: Senator the Honourable Ruel Reid, Minister of Education, Youth and Information