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Education Ministry Begins Inspection of Schools


JIS: The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MOEYI), in partnership with the National Education Trust (NET) and the University of Technology (UTech), is presently conducting inspections of infant, primary and secondary schools.


Some 971 schools are scheduled to be inspected under the Jamaica Safe Schools Project (JSSP), which is being managed by the World Bank to support the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) in mainstreaming disaster risk management in the regulation, planning, designing, construction and management of school infrastructure.


In a bulletin issued by the ministry, it was noted that the data-collection process from the inspections will be led by staff and students from UTech, who will function as supervisors and collectors, respectively.


The pilot phase of the project will be executed over the period June 26-29, with 45 schools in Kingston and five in St Andrew to be inspected.


The project began today with a team of at least two students from UTech going on site at selected schools to conduct the inspections.


This survey will comprise a site inspection of the compound, drawings and measurement of all buildings and an interview with the principal, or a senior member of staff.


The inspectors will need to access the buildings and the general compound to complete the inspections.