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Education Ministry Disburses $1.4 Billion in Subventions to Schools


JIS: The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information has disbursed subventions totalling over $1.4 billion to secondary schools for the 2017/ 2018 academic year.


This was announced by Portfolio Minister, Senator the Hon. Ruel Reid, at a post- Cabinet press briefing at Jamaica House on June 28.


The Minister pointed out that this is the first of four tranches to be paid for the period.


“All schools that are due for funding from the Government by virtue of schedule, all those payments have been made – from early childhood to high school. All Programme of Advancement through Health and Education (PATH) payments, feeding payments and other grants have been made,” he said.


The Minister further informed that the budget has been increased to $200 million, up from $75 million, to procure 35,000 pieces of furniture for teachers and students for the new school year.


“We are way advanced and we expect to commence distribution of those furniture before July 31,” he said. 


CAPTION: Education, Youth and Information Minister, Senator, the Hon. Ruel Reid (left), engages first-form students of Campion College . (File Photo)