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Education Sector to Play Critical Role in the Development of the Country


JIS: Minister of Education, Youth, and Information, Senator the Hon. Ruel Reid, has noted the importance of the education sector to the development of the country.


He says that the nation’s teachers have a role to play in creating avenues for opportunities to help students self-actualise and develop their talents.


“Jamaica is looking towards the education system for the transformation of Jamaica. Even sometimes when parents would forsake you (students), our teachers are not going to forsake you (students) because outside of the home, our teachers are standing in lieu of your parents,” the Senator Reid stated.


He was addressing students and staff at the Grange Hill High school in Westmoreland during a visit to the institution on January 8.


Meanwhile, the Education Minister lauded the principal and academic staff of Grange Hill High for playing an active role in transforming the lives of the nation’s students.


He stated that students who enter through the gates of the institution have been performing admirably, adding that the framework being used by the institution is ensuring that no student gets left behind.


“I am very proud of the work being done here at Grange Hill. You are demonstrating to Jamaica what education is really about because education is about drawing out one’s potential; it’s about not giving up on anybody. That principal, is what I see you demonstrating,” Senator Reid said.


“You are fulfilling your mandate here at Grange Hill. You are taking all the students that we send you and others that need to get an education, and you are making sure that no one leaves before they achieve that destination of training and certification,” he added.


Senator Reid, along with top officials from Region Four, visited the Little London, Grange Hill and Petersfield High schools in Westmoreland, on January 8, where he met with teachers to discuss issues facing the institutions.


CAPTION: Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Senator the Hon. Ruel Reid, addressing students and staff at Grange Hill High School in Westmoreland, during a visit to the institution on January 8.