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Education Trust Invites Donor Support


JIS: The National Education Trust (NET) is inviting donor support to fund the construction and maintenance of Jamaica’s education infrastructure.


The Trust, established in 2010, is a registered charitable organisation within the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, and is mandated to provide the material and financial resources needed for the development of the country’s education system.


The objective is to ensure equitable access to a safe and secure physical learning environment for all Jamaican children.


“Our aim is to be a credible institution, which mobilises and channels resources to the education sector in an effective, timely, efficient and transparent manner,” said Managing Director of NET, Marcia Phillips-Dawkins.


She was addressing a JIS Think Tank on November 3.


Mrs. Phillips-Dawkins noted that the work of the Trust is focused on four primary areas: education support and coordination, construction management, investment management, and garnering endowments.


She explained that NET effectively and efficiently facilitates investment to the education sector through partnership with the private and public sectors, civil society, communities and the Jamaican diaspora.


Mrs. Phillips-Dawkins said the Trust addresses the challenge of coordinating donor assistance by liaising with schools, agencies, government ministries, and departments of the Ministry of Education.


This, she said ensures that donor expectations are met and that children benefit from the support, there is accountability to donors, needs are met through streamlining the system of accepting donations, and that the interventions carried out are targeted and measurable.


“We want an education system that is well resourced and internationally recognised, which produces critical thinkers, lifelong learners who are productive, successful and able to effectively contribute to an improved quality of life at the personal, national and global levels,” she noted.


CAPTION: Managing Director at the National Education Trust, Marcia Phillips-Dawkins, addressing a JIS Think Tank on November 3.