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Ensure Children are Prepared for GSAT


JIS: As the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information prepares to administer the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT), parents are being reminded to ensure that their children are prepared for the examination.


The two-day test will be held on March 16 and 17 at 1,090 centres across the island.


The Ministry is advising parents to make sure that students gather all needed materials on the night before the examination.


This will prevent them from having to search for items on the morning of the test, as this can cause the child to become flustered and frustrated. 15/2017


Students should not study on the night before the examination, as this may result in an overload on the brain and can cause temporary memory loss. They should be encouraged to go to bed early.


A good night’s rest is important in ensuring that the student functions at his/her best the next day.


In addition, they should have a healthy breakfast on the morning of the examination, but should not overeat.


Students should arrive at the examination centre early, about 30 minutes before the test.


This will help them to relax and settle down, minimising nervousness. Arriving just in time to go into the examination room, or worse, arriving late, can cause them to get agitated and unnecessarily nervous.


Students are advised to read examination questions carefully before providing answers and ensure that they have answered all the questions for each test.


The Mathematics and Language Arts tests comprise 80 questions, while Science and Social Studies are 60 questions each.


When completing their responses, students must ensure that the number that is being shaded on the answer sheet matches the number in the test question booklets.


They are encouraged to draft a plan before writing an essay or story.


Students should use their time wisely and not seek to hurry because other students sitting next to them have finished.


Students should practise consistently in the months, weeks and days leading up to the examination. This will help with timing and familiarity with the content they are expected to know.


CAPTION: In this file photo, Education, Youth and Information Minister, Senator the Hon. Ruel Reid, offers words of encouragement to Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) students of Mona Primary in St. Andrew, prior to the sitting of day one of the examination last year.