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Home Economics Education Plays Key Role in National Development

JIS: Director for the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information’s Western Regional Office, Dr. Michelle Pinnock, says home economics education continues to be an important subject area that plays a critical role in nation building.


Speaking at the 22nd Biennial Conference of the Caribbean Association of Home Economists INC. at the Montego Bay Convention Centre, St. James recently, Dr. Pinnock said thet subject area provides the knowledge, skills and attitude needed for healthy family life and community living, which are regarded as integral for national development.


“For developing countries like Jamaica and the rest of the region, home economics education makes significant contribution towards family life and stability,” she pointed out.


“Home economics exposes our students to the fundamental principles of budgeting and financial management, home and resource management, health and nutrition to name a few,” she added, noting that significant strides have been made “in educating our people about preparing foods within budget and eating a balanced diet.”


Dr. Pinnock pointed out that home economics education has matured into a range of offerings which include: home ecology, human and consumer sciences, family resource management, clothing and textiles, home management, food safety, family life, food and nutrition.


She noted that the theme for the conference: ‘Future-Proofing Families for 21st Century Living’ is timely and implies a broader appreciation of the need to prepare persons to take care of their families amid the challenges of contemporary living.


“It calls upon us as innovators to share strategies and best practices to minimize the effects of…limited budget, increase in cost of living, scarcity of goods, just to list a few. Home economists, you have the answer for successful living in the future so please take the lead,” she said.


She further urged educators to “continue to celebrate, to broadcast and to advocate for home economics to take its pride of place amongst subjects as we prepare for a successful future.”