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Jamaicans Should Support and Promote Positive Messages in Music


JIS: Chairman of the National Youth Service (NYS), Robert Miller, says that Jamaicans should support entertainers who promote positive messages in their music.


Mr. Miller noted that dancehall and reggae music are cultures which impact dress, fashion and body language.


He stated that young impressionable minds, adopt these themes, as part of their daily lifestyle, and are at risk of falling into the kind of lifestyle portrayed by these artiste.


“While this is to a lesser extent, the impact of such music cannot be denied. It is important that Jamaicans support and promote positive messages in the music and to this extent, conscious artistes,” he said.


He was addressing the launch of a mentorship programme for youth in the parish of St. James on February 28, which is being spearheaded by the West Jamaica Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists.


Adding that the influence of the media is profound, the NYS Chairman pleaded for parents to provide guidance on age-appropriate use of all media, including the Internet, television and radio.


He also called for the issue of absentee fathers to be given attention by all sectors of the society, as it adds to youth being unattached, and easily become recruited to criminal networks.


Turning the work of the NYS, the Chairman said the organization is continuing with its mission of developing a strong youth citizenry through programmes aimed at equipping youth 17-24 years with life coping skills.


Mr. Miller said the agency’s programmes have helped in the personal and professional development of these youths, while increasing cultural awareness and encouraging community participation.


“We continue to develop the employability and work experience of our participants through our National Summer Programme, and continue to maintain our core principles, through the Volunteer Programme, which focusses on building civic responsibility and integration among youth,” he told his audience.


Mr. Miller added that several other programmes implemented by the NYS are helping youth to gain skills and certification, and underscored that young people need adults to listen to their concerns, and channel them in positive directions.


CAPTION: Senior Advisor in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, Robert Miller. (FILE)