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Minister Green Urges Young Men to Be Role Models

Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, Hon. Floyd Green, is urging young men to strive to be positive leaders and role models, according to the Jamaica Information Service

Mr. Green, who was addressing a graduation ceremony for some 100 Jamaica College sixth form students, on April 6, at the school, emphasized that the country is in need of strong male leaders.

“What is important is the characteristics that you develop, even more important than the profession you choose,” he said.

While urging the youngsters to be careful in contemplating their future and career path, he advised them that it is critical for youth to be complex problem solvers and critical thinkers.

“People are looking for young men who are creative and good at people management… who are service-oriented and able to negotiate and have emotional intelligence,” he added.

Mr. Green encouraged the young men to not be afraid to seek careers in non-conventional fields. He reminded them of the value of being innovative and seeking to create employment and being entrepreneurs.

“Never give up on yourself. Get a dream and stick to it. Decide the future that you want for yourself and be determined that no matter the obstacle, you will claim that future,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Jamaica College Board, Michael Bernard, also encouraged the young men to strive to be positive contributors to the Jamaican society.

“This is the beginning of the next chapter, a chapter that will define your future. At this point in time, you are not too young to set a vision for yourselves,” he said, while congratulating them for their achievements so far.