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Ministries Working Together to Promote Healthy Eating in Schools


JIS: The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information has been working with the Ministry of Health to develop standards for schools, to encourage healthy eating.


Speaking in the House of Representatives on Tuesday (November 20), State Minister, Hon. Floyd Green, said this has caused the Ministry to do a comprehensive review of the items that it provides to the school system.


He informed that a halt was placed on the provision of bullas and muffins in schools, as both were identified as two of the items that have significantly high sugar content.


Mr. Green noted that Nutrition Products Limited (NPL) was requested to explore whether the present provisions could be reformulated into healthier options, especially in the case of items that have become almost synonymous with the school-feeding programme.


“In the case of bullas, there has been a new formula that has been put together, and as such, that has cut the sugar content by 10 per cent, bringing it more in alignment with the Ministry of Health requirements. With that reformulation, we have started the redistribution of bullas into our school system as snacks,” he pointed out.


The State Minister said NPL is now working on a reformulated cheese bread option, to be rolled out in schools, fortified with the necessary protein and calcium for added nutritional value.


“We will continue to work with NPL and the Ministry of Health to ensure that we provide more healthy options to our students,” Mr. Green said.


CAPTION: State Minister in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information, Hon. Floyd Green, addresses the House of Representatives on Tuesday (November 20).