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Ministry Launches Grade Four Tests TV Programme


The Ministry of Education has launched a series of televised programmes to assist students in preparing for the Grade Four Literacy and Numeracy Tests to be held on June 30 and July 1, 2015 respectively.

This year’s sitting of the Grade Four Literacy Test, in particular, takes on added significance as this is the target date for the country to achieve the Millennium Development Goal of 85 per cent of the grade-four age cohort achieving mastery of literacy. The country is presently 7.6 percentage points below the target.

The video lessons, called “G4Genius”, show revision tips and techniques through storytelling involving children and adults. The literacy lessons are on Writing and Reading Comprehension, while the numeracy lessons are on Place Values.

Students, parents and teachers can access the literacy and numeracy revision lessons every Monday and Wednesday 5-5:30 pm on 20 Cable channels that transmit programmes by the Public Broadcasting Corporation of Jamaica. In addition, the literacy and numeracy lessons are carried on JETv Monday to Sunday 3-4pm and onDC DIGITAL/LOVE TV Monday to Sunday 4-5 pm. The literacy and numeracy video lessons are also available on the Ministry of Education’s website:

Chief Education Officer Dr Grace McLean is encouraging students, parents and teachers to utilise the revision videos. She has expressed satisfaction at the work being done by schools across the island to prepare students for the Grade Four Literacy and Numeracy Tests.

Last year the country achieved 77.4 per cent mastery of literacy and 58 per cent in numeracy. While the numeracy target date has been pushed back to 2018, schools are pulling out all stops to narrow the 7.6 percentage gap in the mastery of literacy.



Cast members of the G4Genius literacy and numeracy video series launched recently by the Education Broadcasting Network in the Ministry of Education.



Media Channels Showing G4GENIUS Video Series


PBCJ Channels, Mondays and Wednesdays, 5-5:30pm, starting on Wed 10 June

a) Cable One Channel #55

b)Cabletron Channel # 72/75

c) Combine Communication Channel #86

d) CTL Cable Vision Channel #77

e)General Satellite Channel #75

f) Home Time, Channel # 91

g) Jamaica Cable Vision Channel #75

h)Logic One Channel #327

i) Linscomm Network Ltd Channel #10

j) Starcom Cable Channel #14

k)Telstar Channel #8

l)Total Cable Ltd Channel #29

m)Venus Cable Channel # 8

n)Mars Cable Vision Limited Channel # 114

o)Silly Video Cable Network Limited Channel # 8

p)Oliver’s Cable Channel # 12

q)Stars Cable Channel # 107

r)Cabletron channel Channel # 73

s)Direct Systems Cable Company Channel # 17

t) Central Caribbean Cable Company Channel # 40

2. LOVE TV, Monday-Sunday, 4-5 pm, starting on Thurs 11 June

a) FREE TO AIR, channel 17—Kingston, St. Andrew, parts of St. Catherine (including Portmore), some parts of St. Mary and St. Ann

b) FLOW TV, Channel 670- all-island (Cable TV)

3. JETv, Monday-Sunday, 3-4 pm, starting on the weekend of 12 June

a) FLOW TV, Channel 117-all island (Cable TV)

b) Logic One Limited, Channel 328–Kingston, St Andrew

c) General Satellite Network Co Ltd (GenSAT), Channel 64–Central Jamaica

d) JETv online Portal /


Education Ministry YouTube Channel, starting on the weekend of 12 June