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More than 170 specialist Math, Science teachers complete training; available for jobs – Education Ministry

MoEYI building

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information is encouraging Secondary school principals who are facing challenges identifying Mathematics and Science teachers to make contact with The Mico University College and the Church Teachers’ College for support in identifying graduates who are available for employment.


The advisory comes against the background of 176 students having completed a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education under a scholarship programme initiated by the Ministry in 2015. Students specialized in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Technical and Vocation Education


At the start of the programme, 240 scholarships were awarded to students preparing to enter teacher-training institutions to pursue the BEd. degree. Under the special initiative, some institutions engaged students in an accelerated programme which included two summer semesters. As a result 176 students who have completed their programme of study are ready for employment. This includes

-129 mathematics teachers

-14 physics teachers

-8 chemistry teachers and 

-25 biology teachers

Beneficiaries of the scholarship programme are bonded to serve the Jamaican education system for a period of five years. 


The following persons may be contacted at the respective institutions:

Mr. Leroy Brown


[email protected]



Mr. Nicholas Brown


[email protected]

The Mico University College 

Department of Student Services




Mr. Winston McCatty

Student Development Officer 



Church Teachers’ College


Additional information may be obtained from Dr. Tamika Benjamin, National Mathematics Coordinator via [email protected]