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National Summer School Starts July 4

The Ministry of Education and Youth’s National Summer School will get under way on July 4.

The four-week programme, which ends on July 28, is free of cost to students.

National Literacy Coordinator, Dr. Andre Hill, said the summer school is one of several initiatives being used by the Ministry to address gaps in learning caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Students from across all grades at the primary and secondary levels who wish to attend will be accommodated.

The lessons will be delivered using two modalities – online and face-to-face, and Dr. Hill said that teachers/administrators are required to use the performance data to recommend students for either modality.

For the online sessions, students will have on-demand access to the platform and content for the entire summer period.

Discussions and plans for the logistics for face-to-face instruction will take place at the regional and school levels. Online service providers who have been approved for the delivery of the summer school programme are Learning Hub Online, EduFocal Limited and One-on-One Educational Services Limited.

For further information or queries, persons can contact the regional literacy coordinators.

The National Summer School is part of the National School Learning and Intervention Plan (NSLIP), aimed at helping students to recover from learning loss due to COVID-19.