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NCEL To Launch New Initiatives


GLEANER: The National College for Educational Leadership (NCEL), an agency of the Ministry of Education, Youth and information, will be launching three new initiatives, Monday, September 11, aimed at building capacity and improving leadership among a wide range of sector stakeholders.


This is being done against the background of the changing education landscape, the growing impact of technology, and the easier access to knowledge which many people have.


Acting Principal Director of the NCEL Dr Taneisha Ingleton says that issues in educational leadership today are too complex and information too widely distributed for leaders to try to solve all problems on their own.


She explained that regardless of age, experience, and expertise education professionals are expected to continuously access leadership-development interventions to broaden their scope, learn new approaches to navigate serious problems, and offer practical and sustainable solutions.


The new programmes are Eye on Leadership, an NCEL NOW blog, and a Webinar.


Eye on Leadership is a monthly feature geared at highlighting outstanding educators who have been engaged with the college either by way of having accessed its programmes or would have served as an adjunct staff or partner.


It is intended to highlight the high-quality work done by educational practitioners who serve within the Jamaican educational landscape; recognise and reinforce the impact the college has made on the leadership dispositions of these individuals; and to create a network of educational leadership professionals who can communicate within and across the educational landscape, and in so doing, deepen their own understanding and capabilities.




The NCEL Leadership Blog – ‘NCEL Now’ – is a leadership-development intervention that will use an online platform to engage in leadership conversations and access information from colleagues on leadership approaches that have proven transformational in their spaces.


NCEL’s Webinar


The third new programme, NCEL’s webinar is an online leadership development intervention that focuses on the principles, practices, and processes of leading. It is aimed at imparting knowledge and skills to a wide range of leaders across the educational landscape.


This will be done via voice/audio, slides, screen sharing. and text chat. It will be organised around specific learning objectives, are identified in advance and which form the basis for relevant webinar content and interaction.


– Article courtesy Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture