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Parents Encouraged to Monitor Children’s Online Presence

Custos of St. James, Bishop the Hon. Conrad Pitkin, has joined the call for parents to be more vigilant in monitoring their children’s online activity in order to protect them from cyber predators.

“It is important that you understand that there are predators out there… and it doesn’t matter whether you are a boy or girl. So we advise parents to make sure that they monitor and supervise their children during (online) class time,” he said.

Bishop Pitkin was addressing a ceremony at Bogue Hill Primary and Infant School in the parish on Friday (June 4), where he handed over 14 tablets and tablet cases for students.

Funds to procure the devices were contributed by staff of National Pen Jamaica Limited, through activities initiated by Operations Manager at the company and Justice of the Peace (JP) in the parish, Natalie Smellie-Sinclair.

Seven students were on hand to collect their tablets, while the other seven were given to the principal for disbursement.

In his remarks to the students, Bishop Pitkin advised them to utilise the devices for educational purposes only.

“It is not for games unless it is an educational game. It is not to go on [social networks] that students tend to go on. They pretend to be in school or at class and when you check it out they are on some other app,” he noted.

Bishop Pitkin also encouraged the students to take their education seriously, as it will open the doors to a bright future.

“I believe that education is important for our nation’s children. The only way that you can move from poverty to prosperity or to become self-sufficient is to have a skill or a profession and that’s what coming to school or staying in the virtual classroom is all about,” he said.

The Custos also commended Principal of the school, Lorna Crooks, for her sterling leadership of the institution over the years.

Mrs. Crooks told JIS News that the donation was timely, noting that the devices will “greatly benefit” the students.

“I am certain that the students appreciate that now they can access [their] classes on Google Classroom. I am really happy today that more of them can be online,” she said.

Meanwhile, Grade Six student at the school, Jonathan Smart, told JIS News that he was grateful to receive a tablet.

“I feel very good about it. A lot of children will be thankful at the school,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Smellie-Sinclair, who solicited the financial contributions for the devices, expressed appreciation to her co-workers, who responded to the call for support.

She said that the funds raised were handed over to the Office of the Custos through which the tablets were procured.