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Parents Urged to Complete GSAT Registration Form

JIS: The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information is imploring parents and guardians whose children will sit the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) in 2017 to ensure that they complete the registration or entry form by the deadlines set by the schools.


The Ministry, in a statement, said parents should now be in the process of completing the document.


Parents, who have not yet received a form, are advised to contact their child’s teacher immediately.


The Ministry is encouraging parents, when selecting a secondary school for their children, to choose an institution that best suits their needs and enables them to excel and develop to their full potential.


Parents are advised to:


• Make sure that you know your child’s interests and abilities – What are your child’s interests, skills and abilities? Is his preferred subject/s, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts or Mathematics (STEAM)? Does he like sports? What is his career goal?


• Examine the access to, and cost of transportation – Is it better to place him/her at a school nearer to home, or your workplace? Will the transportation costs be too high? Will you, or a trusted adult, be at home when he returns from school?


• Research the school curriculum and programme – Does the school have a balanced curriculum that offers a wide variety of subjects? Does the school have programmes and resources for children with special needs? Does the school have extracurricular activities that cater to your child’s interests, talents and abilities?